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YOW Popcorn Co.


This is a fun and unique way to gift your loved ones for any and all occasions!  

Yow Popcorn Co. offers unique, gourmet popcorn flavours to treat various types of guests and events as small to large party favors!

Popcorn flavours include:

White Cheddar
Sea Salt Vinegar
Dill Pickle
Truffle Parm
Cheesy Cheddar
Honey BBQ
Sriracha Lime
Sweet Cinnamon
Theatre Style 
7 Cup Bag : $8.00
12 Cup Bag: $12.50
Arrangement (7 Cup): $24.00
30 Cup Bag: $28.00

They also offer customizations on the packaging specific to the event or occasion. When placing your order, please specify what type of stamp you prefer (ie. Happy Birthday, Thank You, Happy Anniversary, etc.).

Click here to check out their website and full menu at YOW Popcorn Co.

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