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  • I am interested in ordering the life of pie brownies to send to my boyfriend for valentines day. Is there anyway i could get a message written on them? Thanks!

    Usually Life Of Pie can accommodate such request. However, during pick periods like Valentines or Christmas it is not possible to do this because of large volume of orders that has to be prepared.

Life of Pie Brownies


Fudgy iced brownies made with Fair Trade Cocoa are one of Life of Pie's best sellers - and for good reason. There is no occasion that can't be made just a wee bit more special with these rich delights.  Let's face it - even a breakup can turn into a special event with these babies on the table.  And for you government workers, be the hero at your office pot luck by pretending you made them yourself.  Your secret is safe with us!

These brownies come in a 3.5 inch X 5.5 inch baking tray (6-8 servings). 

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***PLEASE NOTE: Life of Pie is closed on MONDAY & TUESDAY. Therefore, no deliveries will be made from this vendor on Mondays & Tuesdays.***
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