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Coffee Connoisseur


A very special gift for those who really appreciate a good cup of java. Pierre Richard starts with small-scale farmers of Africa, Asia, Central and South America and then takes freshness and small-batch roasting to the extreme.  The result: the highest standards in freshness and unsurpassed quality. 


This gift from Happy Goat Coffee Company includes four (330 g) bags of whole bean coffee. Includes the following varieties:


Babae's Espresso Blend: Complex, full-bodied. Each origin is roasted separately then blended together. Bitter sweet dark chocolate Powerful cup, very rich, crisp, smooth and clean. Loads of crema. 


Guatemalan Antigua: This complex and aromatic gourmet coffee is grown high up in Antigua’s premier mountain growing area, where the beans ripen slowly. Its bright, smooth cup, enhanced by its chocolate note, can be mistaken for its Central American neighbour, Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee 


Ethiopian Yirgacheffe: Ethiopia, the legendary home of the coffee plant and Africa's largest exporter, grows remarkably varied and distinctive beans. One of the very finest comes from the Yirgacheffe region -- the only coffee allowed in the palaces of Ethiopian kings. Today, this bean, which grows in high elevations under a soft canopy of native shade trees, is developing an almost cult-like following among bean aficionados. Widely recognized as one of the world's most exquisite coffees, Yirgacheffe's fragrant and flowery citrus note sets it apart from any other bean you will encounter. Many compare its rich flavor to that of burgundy wines. 


The "G": This unique blend is spicy with a velvety texture and nutty aroma. Notes of cinnamon and brown sugar. Nicaraguan as the base gives this blend a satisfying sweetness, then we added Guatemalan Antigua to contribute body and a rich aroma, then just a pinch of the Ugandan Bugisu which gives the blend excitement with its delicious wine like characteristics and great full balanced body. Shines as espresso, in a stove top or in a french press and surprisingly delicious in an automatic drip machine.



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