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  • will there be a variety of different beers?

    Yes, we are planning on collaborating with other local brew companies to expand the assortment of beers we offer. Please check back soon for more options and beer varieties.

  • Is there any way to add a few snacks to this like nuts, chips....something that goes with beer? Thinking of Feb. 12 delivery Thanks

    Hello you can add a YOW popcorn to the beer if you would like

Local Craft Beer Gratitude Pack


This local Craft Beer Gratitude Pack is a really fun way to say 'cheers', 'thanks', 'job well done', or 'happy birthday'... get the point?  A 6-can pack of locally  crafted beer is encased in a beautiful locally hand made, walnut-stained carrier that makes a handy keepsake of your generosity.  The carrier features a little chalkboard where your message can be hand-written for a personal touch. If you would like this to be half beer, and half soda (3 bottles of each), check out our Craft Beer & Soda Gift.


Chalkboard Instructions: Unless otherwise instructed, we will customize the chalk board message to match the sentiment in your overall gift message.  But feel free to clarify the word(s) you'd like to see on the chalkboard in the special instructions section, or by emailing as you place your order.


This gift will include beer from a few of Ottawa's local craft breweries.


Pricing: Givopoly is providing a concierge service for this gift, purchasing the craft beer on behalf of you (our customer).  Givopoly is paid as a concierge service and makes no profit off the price of the beer.


Regulations: The recipient, by law, must be 19 years of age, therefore, the delivery agent is obligated to confirm age (photo ID needed) and obtain signature before handing over the order. This gift is for sale within Ontario only.



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